Welcome To Dr/ Yaqoub AL-Sanea & Partners Office ( y.f.y )

Dr/ Yacoub Abdul Mohsen Al Sanea& Partners Office ( y.f.y ). Law Office is one of the largest and most prestigious law firms in Kuwait. We are pleased to provide a brief overview of the nature of the legal services provided by the Office of Lawyer Yacoub Abdul Mohsen Al-Sanea & Co. for Law and Legal Consultancy

Special distinct services and activities

In addition to all the services and activities undertaken and offered by our office to our valued clients; our office offers a range of specialized services which earned our law firm a distinct standing in Kuwait and abroad.

Labor Law

Disputes related to labor law governing employment in the private sector…

Commercial Law

Disputes and issues related to or in connection with payment statutes…

Business Companies Law

Disputes and issues related to or in connection with corporate…

Capital Markets Authority Law

Disputes and issues related to or in connection with decisions…

Our Adequacy

The law firm of Yacoub Abdul Mohsen Al-Sanea & Co. has been established for more than Twenty Five years. We have been able to stand as one before the law offices in Kuwait. The office was established by the Minister of Justice and Endowments, Discrimination and the Constitutional Court.

The offices include a specialized team, a select group of professors, consultants and lawyers who have academic competence, qualifications and long practical experience, as well as many of the competent authorities to carry out the procedural work related to the interests of the clients at all parties in the country. We also have mutual legal relations with different countries of the world, Advanced communications with all kinds of sophistication, making us able to provide the required integrated legal advice in a fast and innovative manner.