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Collection department or collection methods

Methods of collection

Friendly collection

The collection and revaluation of bad debts and the submission of a report to the client includes the mechanism followed and collection of what can be collected after the study of indebtedness and update customer data while taking the policy of the client towards his opponents with bad debts.

Judicial collection

Through which we study the judgment and put the timetable for implementation and the mechanism of implementation and collect amounts after updating customer data and collect the necessary information.

Collection Tools

Follow-up and information program

Receiving files, enter data into the system, classify customers, distribute data to contact personnel and open files of their own. Print civil information data, print mail notifications, performance orders, send mails, photocopy all documents and search the Ministry of Justice website for customer status and processing of performance orders files and report it to companies.

Customer support program

It helps our client (companies and major institutions) to provide the last update on the issues and provide the customer with all the latest developments.