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Labor Law

Disputes related to labor law governing employment, illegal termination, end of service benefits, workplace harassment

Criminal Law

Services with respect to crime, criminal behaviour, illegal activities

Commercial Law

Disputes and issues related to or in connection with payment status, debt collection, cheque bouncing

Civil Law

Contract issues and disputes related the overall contract drafting of civil, family matters – marriage, divorce, family disputes, inheritance, will drafting, etc.

Capital Markets Authority Law

Disputes and issues related to or in connection with decision related to company and business matters with the government authorities.

Administrative And Civil Service Law

Disputes and issues related to or concerned with administrative decisions by the government authorities

Business Companies Law

Disputes and issues related to or in connection with corporate matters – partnerships, contracts, tenders

Special distinct services and activities offered by our law office in cooperation with our international division :

In addition to all the foregoing services and activities undertaken and offered by our office to our valued clients , our office offers a range of specialized services which earned our law firm a distinct standing in Kuwait and abroad , as follows:

Banking and investment

Business franchises

Securities / financial papers

Construction projects

Islamic financing

Projects and privatization law

Litigation and arbitration

Intellectual property

International Partnerships

In today’s global market economy, partnerships and international co-operation are an integral part of many of our clients’ work, and this may not be more evident than in the Middle East and North Africa, where most products are obtained from elsewhere.

Advocate Yacoub Abdul Mohsen Al Sanea’s office is engaged with leading law firms around the world to ensure the provision of high quality legal services to clients wherever needed. The Office of Lawyer Yacoub Abdul Mohsin Al Sane carefully selects each partner office sharing with us our mission, promotes transparency in international business and achieves common high standards in legal practice.

Through our collaboration with leading offices around the world, we are able to harness the power of the world’s leading organizations and institutions of independent law, accounting, auditing and consulting, and expand legal access to our clients around the world.

Our network of international legal advisers is an invaluable tool in trying to make sound business decisions based on cross-border activities, giving the office of lawyer Yacoub Abdul Mohsen Al-Sanea the ease of in-depth understanding of local legal and financial differences on a global scale.

Our clients benefit directly from local expertise in a wide range of legal topics, from banking and financial services to real estate and intellectual property.